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Cedric Lefebvre[Pour le texte en français, cliquez ici.]

Cedric Lefebvre

Professional Certified Coach / Supervisor / President ICF Belgium

« Through active listening and an understanding of your needs, an approving gaze without any complacency and also a lot of humour, I invite you to be more self-aware and to become an active agent in your own fulfilment. »

Cedric, a graduate from Université Libre de Bruxelles, is a psychologist and educationist, specialised in applied psychology. He comes to coaching with 25 years of experience within leading international organisations (pharmaceutical industry, marketing services and telecommunications) as an executive, team leader and independent consultant. This specific path has instilled in him an expert knowledge of needs, emotions and behavioural analysis.
Founder of the coaching firm Insight and Coaching, Cedric today guides managers, employees, entrepreneurs and companies in their growth and development:
  • stress management
  • work/life harmonisation
  • self-confidence and leadership development
  • career guidance
  • change adaptation
  • burn-out prevention and post-burn-out support.
Cedric is a hypnotherapist, certified by the INH.
He is also a mentor coach and supervisor accredited by a ESQA training. In this context, he helps coaches in their ICF certification process and in strengthening their own coaching posture.
He is certified by the International Coaching Federation and contributes to the magazine International Coaching News. From 2017 to 2019, he was President of ICF Belgium of which he is still a member of the Board.
His accreditation by the Commission of Psychologists allows you, according to the mutuality with which you are affiliated, the partial reimbursement of a certain number of consultations.
He is creative, enthusiastic and passionate about the arts, in particular for what they allow us to discover inside of ourselves
Cedric is in ongoing training and supervision. He is based in Brussels, Belgium and works internationally in French and in English.

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Phone : +32 (0) 472.67.02.68