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Executive & Career Coaching

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Career coaching… what is it?
What is the coach’s role?
How long does coaching take?
How and where does it take place?
How much does a coaching session cost?


Career coaching… what is it?

Executive coaching and career coaching are two types of personalised accompaniment that is carried out throughout the process of professional change, in a space designed for listening, completely confidential and without judgement.

Coaching is actually one of the most effective methods for increasing one’s chance of success and self-realisation through the development of an appropriate and concrete way of thinking in order to reach one’s goals, transforming ideas into action while accompanied through this transition towards personal growth.

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It is relevant to anyone facing a delicate professional situation which includes:

  • career reorientation
  • decision-making
  • a transition from one function to another
  • stress management and private-professional life balance
  • relationship optimisation

…and for entrepreneurs or small business owners: time management, business orientation, empowering staff, prioritisation or goal-setting, for example.

Throughout the coaching process, while we explore the way in which you live your career, other objectives may equally appear and can be addressed, such as:

  • identifying your qualities and applying them
  • rediscovering or increasing your self-confidence and developing assertiveness
  • reinforcing leadership
  • harmonising relationships with your manager and the rest of the team
  • developing intuition as well as emotional intelligence
  • optimising time management

Thanks to coaching, you will develop tools and strategies that enable you to realise your full potential. Your motivation will be stimulated. You will be taken fearlessly out of your comfort zone in order to successfully reach the goal that you have set yourself, aligned with your own values and your raison d’être, all the while integrating your private and professional lives.

What is the coach’s role?

The coach is there for you and is interested in what you consider to be important. As a coach, my first role then is to determine and to clarify what you hope to achieve as a client. It is also to explore together what is hidden behind your objectives and challenges.

Beginning with a game of pertinent questions, we move to formulating answers, creating solutions and inducing learning opportunities. We make your personal expression a priority.

Through a relationship founded on confidence and respect, you are encouraged to embark on a beautiful journey: that of self-discovery.

Above all, coaching is accompanying you, following your progress, developing your sense of responsibility for your actions throughout the process, culminating in you becoming and autonomous individual.

How long does coaching take?

From a simple choice between two career options that can be fixed in a single session to the complete design of a professional project that could last several months, there is no single answer. Equally, a transition from one function to another could take a whole year but would be spread over less frequent sessions.

To give a rough average, all things considered, you should expect between 8 and 16 hours spread over a period of 3 to 6 months. The specific details are discussed during the first coaching session.

How and where does it take place?

It all begins by scheduling a first encounter, a chance to get to know each other and conduct an analysis of your needs: what you are searching for, your motivations, the general context of your questions.

During this encounter we will define the global coaching objective as well as the criteria that will enable you determine when this objective has been reached. In this way, you will be able to follow your own progress, step by step, session after session.

This first session is also when we will discuss the practical coaching methods such as how the sessions are carried out, with what frequency, the length and cost of the programme, the work method but also the rules of ethics and confidentiality that all professional coaches must adhere to and which are prescribed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), of which I am a member.

Coaching sessions are generally held face-to-face but teleconferencing is possible.

As well as the global coaching programme, each session has a specific objective.

A typical coaching session lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

How much does a coaching session cost?

The cost of a session is determined by your professional profile, whether you be self-employed, manager or jobseeker. This point – together with the duration of the coaching programme – will be discussed at the first contact.

Please be aware that there are grants from government for career coaching.

And now?

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