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Stress & Burn-out

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We live in a society that places professional success among the most important values. A society that also promotes personal development as well as a balance between private and professional life.

Often we have been conditioned by an education that pushes us to give the best of ourselves and – utimately – we are facing with companies or customers who are always asking for more, faster, and often showing little recognition.

Confronted with stress or with chronic stress in a more and more complex world, it is easy to find oneself helpless, lost, torn between these tensions. Perfectionists and those for whom work is at the centre of life may then experience this syndrome called burn-out: a decrease in energy, emotional exhaustion and a loss of meaning that can even lead to a loss of self-esteem. Not to mention the side effects on health.

It is never too early or too late to learn to manage your emotions, to protect yourself from burn-out or to rebuild after a burn-out.

To be accompanied by a professional and according to your situation, is:

  • Learning to identify the symptoms of your physical, emotional and intellectual stress.
  • Getting to know your own warning signals, and recognizing what is happening in you.
  • Knowing how to detect when your body enters the resistance phase and when exhaustion is waiting for you.
  • Preventing fire and protecting your resources.
  • Learning to protect yourself.
  • Accepting rather than feel guilty, understanding that burn-out is not inevitable, initiating a change
  • Realizing that reconstruction is possible.
  • Rethinking your relationship with work.
  • Preparing to return to work or defining a new trajectory


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