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Étiquette : apprentissage

Insight #92

abiodun olaku, insight, coaching, masque, confiance, trust, self-confidence
Abiodun OLAKU – Heavenly Steps, 1995 – Huile sur toile, 84.25 x 68cm


« La raison pour laquelle je me parle à moi-même est parce que je suis le seul dont j’accepte les réponses. »

“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.

― George Carlin



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Insight #76

Gustav Klimt, Music, teaching, learning
Gustav KLIMT – Music, 1895 – Huile sur toile, 44.5 x 37 cm


“Peut-être vous pouvez m’apprendre quelque chose.”

― Gustav Klimt à Egon Schiele
lorsque ce dernier , âgé de 17 ans, lui demanda s’il pouvait devenir son élève

“Perhaps you can teach me something.”

― Gustav Klimt to Egon Schiele
when the latter, at age 17, asks if he might take him as a student


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Insight #52

Ludolf-BACKHUYSEN-marine-insight-coaching-art, learning, experience
Ludolf BACKHUYSEN – Marine et barques de pêche, XVIIème siècle – Huile sur toile, 84,5 x 97,3 cm


“On apprend l’eau par la soif; la mer par les terres qu’on passe.”

“Water is taught by thirst; land, by the oceans passed.”

― Emily Dickinson


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Are you in danger of becoming obsolete?



In a previous article we have seen that, little by little, robots replace humans: one recent study suggests that 47% of all jobs in the United States will be threatened by this phenomenon within the next two decades – another states that 40% of Australian jobs are at risk of being automated within ten to fifteen years. In Europe, the software Quill has already replaced journalists and is used by the newspaper Le Monde during election nights. The specialised research firm Roland Berger says that 42% of jobs will be automated by 2030. 

Should you be worried? Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick developed a short (i.e. 15 questions) assessment allowing you to find out if you are at risk or if you are adapting yourself in an evolving environment. Your score will be compared with HBR readers average.

To pass the test which will consider various topics such as how up to date you are regarding the emerging technologies affecting your industry and the profile of your network , click here.

Pursuing this matter, let’s consider what the futurists Graeme Codrington, Joe Tankersley and John Danaher say: front-line military personnel will be replaced with robots; private bankers and wealth managers will be replaced with algorithms; lawyers, accountants, actuaries, and consulting engineers will be replaced with artificial intelligence.

And considering on-demand economy, environmental consciousness, ageing population or advances in neurotechnology, what will be the top jobs in 10 years? Actually, here is the top 12 they predict (click here for the full description):

  • Personal worker brand coaches and managers
  • Professional triber
  • Freelance professors
  • Urban farmers
  • End-of-life planner
  • Senior carer
  • Remote health care specialist
  • Neuro-implant technicians
  • Smart-home handyperson
  • Virtual reality experience designer
  • Sex worker coach
  • 3-D printer design specialist

So, are you ready?





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Insight #40

francis bacon, insight, coaching, learning
Francis BACON – Étude d’après le portrait du pape Innocent X par Velázquez, 1953 – Huile sur toile, 153 × 118 cm (gauche) – Diego VELAZQUEZ – Portrait du pape Innocent X, c. 1650 – Huile sur toile, 141 cm × 119 cm (droite)


“Le véritable apprentissage c’est réaliser comment utiliser ce que vous savez déjà pour aller au-delà de ce que vous pensez.”

“True learning is figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think.”

― Jerome Bruner


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Insight #38

Cedric-Lefebvre-insight-coaching, knowledge


“Les illettrés du XXIème siècle ne seront pas ceux qui ne savent pas lire et écrire mais ceux qui ne savent pas apprendre, désapprendre et réapprendre.”

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

― Alvin Toffler


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