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Are CEO’s Different?

Giorgio DE CHIRICO – Self-portrait, 1922 – Huile sur toile, 384 x 510mm.


A research carried out amongst 2,600 executives by Steven N. Kaplan at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Morten Sorensen at Copenhagen Business School using data collected during more than ten years shows that candidates for C-suite positions (CEO, CFO, COO and others) can be classified by four primary factors: general ability, execution skills, charisma and strategic skills.

Interestingly, researchers observed that CEO candidates tend to score higher on all four of these factors but also that hired candidates score higher than all assessed candidates on interpersonal skills (for each job category) suggesting that such skills are important in the selection process.

Scores on the four factors also predict future career progression. Non-CEO candidates who score higher on the four factors are subsequently more likely to become CEOs.

Those results are relevant to previous academic work. So, if your ambition is to lead a company it will be useful to consider a self-assessment based on the 30 characteristics* componing the four predictive factors. This will help you find out if your profile ‘fits’ or if working on yourself on specific dimensions is recommended.


* Develops People, Removes Underperformers, Respect, Efficiency, Network, Flexible, Integrity, Organization, Calm, Aggressive, Fast, Commitments, Brainpower, Analytical Skills, Strategic Vision, Creative etc.


Source : Social Science Research Network


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