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Étiquette : core qualities

Core Qualities, a gateway to human resources according to Daniel Ofman

diego-giacometti, quadrant, daniel-ofman
Diego GIACOMETTI – La rencontre, 1985 – Tapis en laine, 176.5 x 236.8 cm


A few quotes from Daniel Ofman during his workshop and conference for ICF Belgium in Brussels on 15th May 2017, refering to his quadrants model:

« Grass doesn’t grow faster by pulling it. »

« Core qualities are effortless. For example, if you are born with flexibility, being flexible doesn’t require effort. »

« Pitfalls and core qualites work hand in hand. »

« Your allergy drives you towards your pitfall. »

« Most probably, your challenge is the core quality of your partner. Being married with your challenge also means you are married with your own allergy. »

« If your challenge is useful, then don’t make it your goal. Try to fix your pitfall. »

« Switch from reactivity to reactivity. »

« Why not considering your pitfall as a gift? »

« We live in a world that bombards us with ‘I should’. The question is what is our creative choice to free ourselves? » 


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