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18 Reasons You Should Start Looking for Another Job

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Antoni TAPIES – Nocturn matinal (bk. w/25 works) , 1970 – gravure sur papier, 47 x 34 cm


In an article published in 2015, Time highlighted the fact it’s time to looking for another job because hiring is way up, because open positions are way up as well and because employees are feeling more confident about quitting.

On the other hand, Forbes claimed 5 reasons why you should always be looking for another job: loyalty doesn’t pay, things can change quickly, it keeps you top of mind, every conversation is worthwhile and it will help clarify what you want and… what you don’t wat.

True, and what about the personal reasons to quit? John Rampton presents 18 very pertinent reasons you should start looking for another job.

1. You’re always bored.

2. You’re constantly left out in the cold.

3. The work doesn’t come naturally.

4. Feeling frustrated over your personal goals.

5. You aren’t being utilized properly.

6. You get the cold shoulder from your boss.

7. You receive poor feedback.

8. The company doesn’t « jibe with your life’s goals and values » (and we can add: people you respect are fired, people are no longer valued)

9. Less work is coming down the pipeline (and also retention and development programs are cut, previous advancement opportunities are blocked)

10. You don’t fit in.

11. You’re not that desperate for a paycheck.

12. You’ve got a horrible boss or he doesn’t understand the business

13. You’re easily overwhelmed.

14. You don’t talk about your job or company.

15. Your work-life balance is off (and this includes the location)

16. You don’t feel challenged.

17. You can’t be authentic.

18. You can’t envision yourself here any longer than a year.

So, what would you say about your current job?




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