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18 ways to improve your self-confidence

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Here are 18 ways to improve your self-confidence as presented by Jeff Haden, writer for Inc.

My favourite? #7

1. Show gratitude. Thank someone. Thank anyone. Thank yourself, too.

2. Act with kindness. This will give you confidence to truly be yourself around others.

3. Define your values. Make a commitment to live those values.

4. Find your true motivations. Once you know what your values are, those values help you understand what motivates you.

5. Take special care to look better than usual. But we all perform better when we look better.

6. Perform a little mental Photoshop. We are what we expect.

7. Smile more. Find a way to smile, especially when you don’t want to.

8. Visualize success. Hold on to those images. Hold on to those feelings.

9. Erase negative thoughts. Stop listening to that voice by imagining the voice as a person. Tell that person to leave.

10. Prepare, with focus. Know your stuff.

11. Slow down your speech. Showing you are not worried about what to say next.

12. Serve others. Serving others erases millions of personal problems.

13. Focus on solutions. Solutions are more important than problems. Focus on what is possible rather than what currently « is. »

14. Fix your posture. Stand tall, sit up straight, be present.

15. Learn more. Learn from the best. Then learn more.

16. Set goals. Then set bigger goals. Set a small goal. Accomplish it. Success breeds success.

17. Exercise more than last week. Movement creates action.

18. Clean your space.  Clarity of space allows for clarity of thought.


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